Tuesday, January 12, 2010


OK, so January just about marks my first anniversary of my love of wine. I don't know if it's that I never liked the taste before, or if it's because I get nasty migraines, and I was always afraid to drink it? Well, whatever the case, I certainly enjoy it now! What I love even more than enjoying a glass, is going to the store and looking at the gorgeous artwork that some wines carry. I always love to buy those bottles, whether it a funny saying or an adorable photo or doodle...they suck me in every time!


Closer to Lucy said...

Love the Bitch label!

If wine tends to make your head hurt stay away from the red vino, it tends to make it worse.

If you haven't tried Mad Housewife wine it's a definite must try for any wife (past, present, or future) drugging through the chaos! Another label that's great for a giggle too!
Cheers, from one Wino to another!

Marybeth said...

Thanks! :) I know I need to avoid it, but I just love it! Yeah, I have a bottle of Mad Housewife that I refuse to open. I keep buying adorable ones, and then I want to save them. I need to start buying two...one to drink, one to save! Cheers to you, as well!!! :)