Monday, December 6, 2010

Accessorize Me!

I just really started getting into making bracelets. I made this cuff bracelet today out of aluminum...but, I am practicing and on my way up to sterling silver. Silver is much too expensive for me to practice on, so aluminum seems to do the trick. I also started resin bracelets today, as well, but I have to wait 24 hours for those to harden completely...ugh, I have no patience! I can't wait! The kids and I have started making polymer clay stuff, too. I have been making so many charms and trinkets...I hope to put some of those up soon, as well!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pumpkins, Punkins, & Jack O' Lanterns, Oh My!

Ok, so I don't have any jack o'lanterns to show you yet, but you get the point. I love Autumn in Upstate NY, there is nowhere else like it...nowhere as pretty this time of year anyway. Apple picking and pumpkin getting are two of my favorite days of the year.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Quote Me On This...

...I will never do Eagle Mills Craft Fair again...ok, well's just not likely. This is the worst I have ever done at this particular craft fair and I just feel it was a waste. I didn't do well, to say the least. Sometimes I think my "crafts" are way to trendy for a craft fair that is mostly country. I do not make those welcome signs and birdhouses. I don't do snowmen and american flag stuff. I am all about upcycling cereal boxes and sewing pretty aprons with modern fabric. I make wine stoppers with golf balls and purses with license plates. I make notecards and envelopes with leftover mail and magazines and table runners with a French printed look. I embelish onesies with adorable ties. I do not make country type crafts. Which means I do not make a profit. I make napkins with Audrey Hepburn on them. I think I live in the wrong place. Or is it me? It can't be...I refuse to believe... All I know is I watched a bunch of people buy the ugliest crap I have ever seen (geez, I can only wonder how their homes are decorated), and watched them look at my stuff and be in awe and adore the, but not purchase...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Lesson Of The Day...

...Cordless drills work better when they aren't in reverse...lmao :) I am such a girl...hahaha!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2 Months? Seriously?

It's back! My camera is finally back! Yes, for some reason it took like two months...unbelievable! I feel better now... :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

I Have To Tell You...

...Even though it reads, "Promise Not To Tell". I bought this book awhile back by Jennifer McMahon and I have had it sitting on my nightstand for some time now. I have bought and read numerous books since buying this book and setting it there...Charlie St. Cloud, The Lovely Bones, Bridges Of Madison County, name a few. Well, I don't know why I left it for so long! I kept looking at the reviews, thinking, " can't be that suspenseful, scary, etc?" OK, I was doesn't happen that often (lol :)), but I will admit it when it does. This book had me so scared I woke up my husband and couldn't sleep. Granted, I know there are scarier books (although I am more of a romance girl myself), but maybe it was the combination of a horrible storm and leaving off in the middle of the book where I did that freaked me out?! Whatever the case, it was an excellent book! I now wonder if they ever made a movie of this book?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I DO Love The Smell Of Play-Doh, But...

...I am not sure if I would want to smell like it??? I am undecided. I don't know if I love this and want it, or if I think it's gross...tough call on this one. What do you think?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Enter Here...

Green Craft is looking for crafters to send in their ideas. One of the things they are looking for is what you can do with a cork. Well, this is what I did...I made a photo holder with a champagne cork! I doubt it will be featured, but I like it! Cheap, recycled, and useful...

Hershey...So Mmmmmmmmmm!

If you are ever near Pennsylvania, you must visit Hershey! I haven't been there since I was little, but as an adult, I have wanted to take my kids there for years. Well, we finally did and they loved it! There's the Chocolate World, Hershey Park, Museum, and many more places that are just as yummy! Hey, if there is chocolate involved (and everywhere for that matter), it HAS to be wonderful! You can't go wrong!


OK, so it's been about a month and a half since the warranty place received my camera. I think that is sufficient time for fixing. What do you think? Because, you know what...I haven't gotten it back yet. It is killing me...I feel unable to express myself. I guess the only thing good that came out of this is that I learned how much I really do express myself with photography. OK, leason learned-now fix my camera and send it back to me!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

OK, maybe not a winner in the $ sense, but this chick definitely won in the family department! We went to the track today...our yearly trip to the Saratoga Race Track...& while we didn't win too much $ (I think our biggest win was $5???), I have made out well as far as family...I love my little poodles more than anything...and this post is to say just that---that I love my babies more than life. I am truly blessed...thank you...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pool Time!

Before my camera died (well, hopefully it's not dead, just a little under-the-weather), I got a few great pool shots...and what beautiful models I had!


Well, my "good camera" is not working. Needless to say I am devastated! I don't know what happened, why it isn't working. Luckily when I purchased it I did so with a five year warranty. Which is great, but it has been a pain already trying to open up a claim. Did you ever notice how hard companies make it for you to file a claim? All I know is I feel naked without it. Right now I am using my old point and shoot. I got a few nice pics the other day, but it is just not the same with out my Canon...tears :(...

Monday, July 5, 2010

I Love My Leo's!

How was everyone's 4th of July? Mine? Well, I had a nice one! I got to spend time with some family members that I don't see enough. We laughed at the fact that we all have children now, and it used to be us that were the kids running around the family parties...well, we've all grown up and now it's our kids that are wreaking havoc! Seriously, what a blessing! It is so wonderful to see our new generation...I just wish our grandparents were here to enjoy all of the beautiful chaos...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Heart Strawberries!

Every year, I love going strawberry picking...and I drag my (usually) unwilling family. Seriously, though, we do have fun! This year we found the cutest strawberry was shaped like a perfect heart...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Go Yankees!

We had a great time at the Yankee game last week, despite our lovely nose-bleed seats (Oh, new Yankee Stadium, thanks so much for making average ticket prices so high...). And, although it is a gorgeous stadium, I have to say I miss the nostalgia that the old one screamed. Babe Ruth, Joe Dimaggio, Lou Gehrig....ya know, the greats...their presence existed there. It was surreal...and I miss that. Well, I guess the good thing is that I can introduce my new generation to their new generation ( I do love & enjoy my Jeter & Pettitte in any stadium :))...

Welcome Back, Blogger?

OK, so I haven't posted anything lately because I started a new job, and I haven't had time to even take a breath lately...however...they have just eliminated my position, so I have the option of transferring to another location (which is closer to me, but with horrible hours), or, well, I have chosen to leave my job. I guess I will have more time to blog, hang out with my family, and sun-bathe...I am not complaining! They say everything happens for a reason---and I really wanted to be home with my babies in the summer, so... My last day is June 22nd...I will miss my co-workers, but I am looking forward to all the things and people I have missed! Also, thanks so much to TheLittleRooster on Etsy for adding me to her treasury!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

SoCo? ...SOOO YUMMY!!!

OK, it was a toss up...did we want to go to Massachusetts or Vermont today? Well, Vermont has my favorite store in the world-Betsey Johnson Outlet Store (plus I am dying for vodka cheese-if you've never tried it, you must! :)), it looks like I am the only one voting for Vermont! Massachusetts it is! Great Barrington to be exact. Well, they have SoCo Creamery...the best, I mean, absolute best ice cream ever (dirty chocolate is my fav!)! So, I will forsake Betsy right now for the extra calories! Ohhh, how I sacrafice!!! lol :) We had a wonderful time! We are happy to travel out of state for ice cream! Well.........the best ice cream! Oh, SoCo, how I've missed you...

Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Only An Hour, But...

...Why is it that when we "Spring ahead" or "Fall backwards", it messes me all up? It alters my sleep, not to mention the fact that I forgot to change my alarm clock, so this morning I get up to go wake the boys...I walk in their room and my son says to me something about it being, he knows he's already late for school, but decides not to wake me, because he doesn't want to go to school! I haven't decided if I am upset with him or secretly proud of him for being so clever and sneaky at such a young age...I guess I feel a little bit of both?! But, I won't ever tell him that! :)

New SuiteHeart Goodies On Etsy!

Check them out ---

Cupcakes To Go!

OK, since Shawnee from Flirty Apron Swap was so generous to do the give-a-way for me, I have sent her some yummy cupcakes...well via a martini glass I painted for her, but cupcakes are even yummy to look at! I hope she enjoys it! Also, congratulations to edyB for winning the hearts martini glass! Salute!Add Image

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Definitely Adore Dior...

Well, I have to say this has got to be one of my all-time favorite perfumes. I have been wearing Miss Dior Cherie it since it came out. Not only does it smell so clean, it comes in the cutest bottle! I absolutely love bows! A pink bow on the back of my neck is my only tattoo, if that tells you anything... My other favorite is Philosophy's Pure Grace...such a clean smell, as well...and it smells so summer-y...I guess I just like to smell clean...hey, who doesn't?! :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Anyone Can Be A Lego?

OK, so a month or two ago, my 10 year old son Luciano came to me and said he made a Lego Ellen. I wasn't sure what he meant until I looked at it and realized he meant Ellen Degeneres. I had to laugh! Sometimes I think my children are old souls...I just don't know where they get the things they say and do sometimes. All I know is that they make me smile. I suggested he make the whole set, and he got right to it...coming up with a set, Tony included...not to mention his favorite guy Kevin Garnett from the Celtics. He wanted me to email her a picture of it, which I did, and I also tweeted it to, we are just waiting to hear from Ellen???

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What A SuiteHeart!!!

I am talking about Shawnee from Flirty Apron Swap! She has been kind enough to have a give-a-way for me! She has been sooo sweet in helping me! Please check out her blog- and also the give-a-way- Follow me and her directions for a chance to win a yummy heart martini glass!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blog Envy

OK, I have been scoping out blogs for inspiration, and boy did I succeed! There are some beautiful blogs out there and I have had a chance to "chat" with a few of the authors. People have been very kind and so supportive, which is incredible to me! After a bad day yesterday (did you ever notice when one thing breaks, like five more things do, as well?! :( ), I am feeling better after some well needed motivation! Later this afternoon I am off to my youngest child Bean's (yes, it is his nickname, not real name, but we have been calling him that since he was a :) ) school to do a groundhog craft. Wish me luck teaching a puppet-type craft to 20+ eight-year-olds! :) Happy Groundhog Day!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Need Some Nice Weather :(

So, I will reminisce! Fall is always pretty in upstate NY...even in black and white, I think!

You Can Never Have Too Many Cupcakes...

...Especially pink ones! I absolutely love cupcakes! I just think they are so pretty! Yes, it may sound strange, but I do! Cupcakes, aprons & pink...well, you just can't go wrong! :)