Friday, September 10, 2010

I Have To Tell You...

...Even though it reads, "Promise Not To Tell". I bought this book awhile back by Jennifer McMahon and I have had it sitting on my nightstand for some time now. I have bought and read numerous books since buying this book and setting it there...Charlie St. Cloud, The Lovely Bones, Bridges Of Madison County, name a few. Well, I don't know why I left it for so long! I kept looking at the reviews, thinking, " can't be that suspenseful, scary, etc?" OK, I was doesn't happen that often (lol :)), but I will admit it when it does. This book had me so scared I woke up my husband and couldn't sleep. Granted, I know there are scarier books (although I am more of a romance girl myself), but maybe it was the combination of a horrible storm and leaving off in the middle of the book where I did that freaked me out?! Whatever the case, it was an excellent book! I now wonder if they ever made a movie of this book?

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