Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pumpkins, Punkins, & Jack O' Lanterns, Oh My!

Ok, so I don't have any jack o'lanterns to show you yet, but you get the point. I love Autumn in Upstate NY, there is nowhere else like it...nowhere as pretty this time of year anyway. Apple picking and pumpkin getting are two of my favorite days of the year.


Josh said...

hi mary-beth. i am still inspired how good your photography is. it is REALLY good work. anyways - tell denny and the boys and olivia i said hello. you be well -

Marybeth said...

awww, thanks, josh!!! that means so much coming from you because you are sooo talented and artistic. if i can ever be half as good as you i will be overjoyed! i will tell them or you can stop over any time and tell them...i know we would all love to see you...xo<3:)